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At Keepin' It Full Pool Leak Detection & Repair, our goal is to find and repair your leak ASAP the first time around. We keep it full all year round for our customers and provide them with the best quality service you can find in South Florida.

Building up pressure by inducing air into the suction and return lines of a swimming pool’s plumbing system can help determine if a pipe is cracked or broken. In order for this to be effective all ventilation and possible exits must be closed off.

Usually, the pool plumbing is pressure tested at 20 PSI for 20 minutes to verify if there is indeed a pool leak. If any pressure loss is detected, sonar equipment (an amplified listening device) can be used to listen for air and water escaping a pipe underground.

When you conduct an ink dye test on a swimming pool it makes it easier to detect where the leak is coming from. Since the dye is a heavier liquid than water, it will gravitate towards the leak quicker. Ink dye tests give pool owners a general understanding of where their pool is leaking from. More than likely you will need a professional for a definitive answer of where the leak is located.



Pool Leak Detection & Repair

Ink dye tests are only effective if you have a general idea of where the leak is located. If you are unsure of where the leak is coming from then the ink dye test won’t be as reliable.Also i’d advise you that just one single dye test isn’t sufficient enough to find the leak you would need several to find the leak. If you rely on only one you’d be disappointed. Ink dye tests are cost efficient and easy enough for anyone to use, it’s a step towards finding the leak but in turn only a professional can be precise on finding and fixing the problem.


If you live in florida it is imperative that you get your pool checked for leaks at least once a month due to the heat. When evaporation is anything more than ⅛ of an inch in a 24 hour period that is a sure sign of an issue. The purpose of doing a bucket is to confirm that there is indeed a leak.


Pool Leak Detection & Repair

If it happens to rain during the time of the test then you must redo the test as soon as the rain stops. To avoid weather issues its best to check the weather before conducting your test to avoid a repeat. If you are unsure about the test or have questions regarding the test, contact Keepin’ It Full for help at 954-684-6692.

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Based out of Broward and Palm Beach County in South Florida, we are always busy with a pool leak & repair project. We enjoy our line of work as we have become extremely specialized in pool leak detection and we take pride and finding those leaks fast and having them repaired in the most timely manner.

We have worked on thousands of pools in South Florida. From commercial facilities, luxurious mansion pools, and your lovely backyard inground pool. You might as well call us leak busters because we already know who you’re going to call.